Franchise Sales



Realty Executives International offers franchises something distinctly different-the power of choice. Though our industry experiences rapid change, the most successful professionals demonstrate crucial common denominators year after year. Real Estate is a tough, highly-competitive and ever-changing business. Key players are agile, nimble, passionate, and tenacious. Successful owners/brokers carve out precious time and money to achieve success-and top leaders know they must have the freedom to make the right decisions for their business to win.


Realty Executives provides freedom of choice by offering franchises the most value on the dollar.

While many high-cost, all-inclusive shops may offer a lot of programs, tools and advertising-they also tie the hands of franchises, locking them into those expensive tool sets over time, whether they are effective programs or not.

Boutique shops are expensive as well-yet offer the lowest value on the dollar with zero brand recognition and little company-wide assets. Finding the money in your business budget to invest in what works today for your marketing and advertising efforts is next to impossible when franchise fees consume most of your dollars.

As one would guess budget brands don’t cost a lot-and don’t offer much in the trade off either. Top agents-the true professionals who broker/owners want on board-aren’t attracted to brand names that have become synonymous with part-timers and inexperience. A lack of support is a sore spot for agents and something the most successful broker/owners just won’t tolerate in their business.

Many brands simply can’t work their way into the most desirable position of all-offering the most value for the money. At Realty Executives we arm you with forward-thinking technologies, training programs that work, customer support and services and a culture of freedom, growth, professionalism, and innovation. As an international franchiser with a history of nearly 50 years of real estate excellence and expansive network of offices and industry partners, we provide our broker/owners with models to suit every need from residential to commercial to property management-all at an uncommonly affordable cost. We leave enough money on the table for you to invest in your business in the programs and tools that make the most sense for you, your market and your agents.